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The JLY Story

JLY are based on the East Coast of China in Xiamen City - a strong distribution hub.  As a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise registered in China, we can offer import and export services. We can sell direct within Asia, making it a simple process for clients who require this service.


JLY specialises in Mannequin Production, as well as VM and Store Fixtures. Our benefit is that we are based in China 24/7 and solely owned which allows us to offer a competitive and flexible cost solution on the complete retail industry. We will design from sketches, right through to production and dispatch of products, making everything transparent to the client from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our ability to be a complete solution supplier for your needs. However, if you only need us for part of the journey, be it Project Management, QC or design, we welcome your business with the same attention as a complete project. You decide how you want to cut up the cake. 

As the company owner I have over 20 years experience working throughout Asia and the UK and supplying to all continents between the USA and Australasia. A strong industry background in plastic injection and electronics has been expanded over the last 8 years to encompass retail store fixtures and all associated manufacturing processes. Working with and on behalf of major brands we have developed our business with our clients at the forefront of how we do everything. A simple, seamless process is how we want our customers to remember their journey.

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