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Climate action

What is sustainability?

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of meeting the needs of future generations.  The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars; economic, environmental and social - also known informally as profits, planet and people.

Big brands often make pledges to sustainability, but it often takes a long time to achieve these goals. 

How sustainability works

Sustainability encourages businesses to frame decisions in terms of environmental, social and human impact for the long term, rather than on short term gains such as next quarter's earnings report. It influences them to consider more factors than simply the immediate profit or loss involved. More and more companies are committing to sustainability goals, such as commitment to zero-waste packaging by a certain year, or to reduce overall emissions by a certain percentage.

How to achieve sustainability in the mannequin  industry

There are many ways companies can improve sustainability within the mannequin industry, from choosing recyclable products to minimizing packaging. However, there are still limitations, as producing products that have longevity, strength and are visually attractive, but are also environmentally friendly, can come at a high cost. 

Our sustainability goal

We are invested in showing that the store mannequin industry can achieve their sustainability goals and hope to encourage brands, large and small, to make the change to more environmentally friendly products. One of our goals over the next few years is to be able to offer sustainable options on all our visual merchandising products, such as our ECO Mannequin, while ensuring these products live up to our clients visual expectations, as well as being affordable.

Our Solution to your Eco Mannequin

The past year has changed the retail environment in which we live, altering the trajectory of many retail businesses and their long-term direction. It is within this long-term direction that we present ACTIV8, your cost-effective solution to 100% eco, 100% bio-degradable mannequins born of 100% recycled paper.


At JLY we recognise that the world is shifting, and we also recognise that at the core of our service we are here to assist you to ACTIV8 climate actions without the high cost, in fact we have 8 principles that we will share with you to help you, help us all make a difference.


JLY Activ8 Mannequins are produced from 100% recycled paper


Should any JLY Activ8 Mannequin reach the end of its life cycle and is properly disposed, Activ8 will breakdown naturally without any impact on the environment


JLY Activ8 Mannequins are produced using only rice powder glue


JLY Activ8 Mannequins can be recycled again to live a new life in a new form


JLY Activ8 Mannequins are only painted in 100% water-based colours


A full size JLY Activ8 Mannequin is 6.5kg in weight without the base, making our mannequins the lightest in the market today


JLY Activ8 Mannequins are produced to withstand the shop display environment


JLY guarantee we will price beat any full size eco mannequin on the market


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