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Working in perfect harmony with our I AM WOMAN range – Fashion brands worldwide have come a very long way in representing the human form in a range of sizes as real nowadays. I AM MAN commands the stage on his own or in a group making him perfect in casual, high end and sports fashion. We can easily customise I AM MAN into abstract, realistic and or vintage finishes.

MAAF-V1 (1) PS no background.png
MAAF1 (1) PS.jpg
MAAF-V1 (1) PS.jpg
MAAF-R3 (2) PS.jpg
MAAF-R2 (1) PS.jpg
MAAF-R1 (1) PS.jpg


Height       187 cm

Shoulder  56 cm

Chest        110 cm 

Waist        97 cm

Hip            109 cm

Weight     10 kg


The I AM MAN range can be customised in any matt or gloss finish. It also comes in realistic or vintage.

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Head 1.jpg
Head 3.jpg
Head 2.jpg


The I AM MAN range comes with an abstract head, realistic or vintage egg head.


The I AM MAN range comes with a standard glass base, but other options are available such as a metal base. The range also comes with the option of calf and foot rods.

Round Glass Base PS copy.jpg


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