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Oxford Street London is one of the busiest shopping streets in the world. Coveted by modern day influencers in droves. This range gives you full authority to flex and change any styling from full body poses to torso’s allowing you the freedom to influence the standards and lead in any visual merchandising.

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OXAF1 (1) PS no background.png
OXAF1 (1) PS.jpg
OXAF5 (1) PS.jpg
OXAF2 (1) PS.jpg
OXAF6 (1).jpg
OXAF3 (1) PS.jpg
OXAF4 (1).jpg
OXAF7 (1).jpg


Height       188 cm

Chest        88 cm 

Waist        72 cm

Hip            93 cm

Weight     9 kg


The Oxford range can be customised in any matt or gloss finish.

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Head 1.jpg
Head 2.jpg


The Oxford range comes with an egg head.


The Oxford range comes with a standard glass base, but other options are available such as a metal base. The range also comes with the option of calf and foot rods.

Round Glass Base PS copy.jpg
Base 1.jpg


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